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Zero 88
Zero 88 has been a market leading, entertainment lighting control brand for nearly 40 years.
With focus on the unique and specialist needs of the entertainment industry, the Zero 88 product range by Cooper Controls provides dimming, console and software solutions for the ultimate in performance lighting control. Zero 88 control products can be found whenever dynamic lighting is required, including theatrical, live performance, education, presentation and architainment applications.
ORB Series
With a combination of theatrical control philosophy and an adaptable hardware platform, the ORB Series provide intuitive control of both generic dimmers and moving lights.
The ORB Series consoles support 2048 control channels, multiple playback stacks and are fitted with custom designed encoder wheels for dimmer and fixture control. Utilising a numeric keypad, integrated track ball, automatic palettes and syntax keys, programming on the ORB consoles is familiar to both beginners and experienced professionals. Further software features include onscreen colour pickers, gobo image display, and a sleek clear user interface, which brings the latest in lighting control technology to your fingertips.
The design behind the ORB Series is centred upon usability. From day one you'll find the interface familiar, simple and easy to understand. Ergonomic layout of the front panel controls combined with clear and concise monitor displays make the ORB experience one you'll keep coming back to.
Built on the ZerOS platform, users of the ORB Series can sit safe in the knowledge that thousands
of shows rely on ZerOS every day. Features within the software simplify both the programming and playback of even the most complex shows, whilst dedicated tracking backups and offline editors provide the ultimate piece of mind for mission critical productions.
Targeting flexibility as the number one design aim, the ORB Series has achieved a truly user configurable operating experience. Create your own monitor displays, lay out your front panel controls as you require and define the behaviours that suit your show - the choice really is up to you.